Simply Trees is a Sarasota County certified PMT provider, or professional mangrove trimmer. Mangroves are salt tolerant trees commonly found throughout the Southwest coast of Florida. The three types of mangrove trees found in the Sarasota County area include the red mangrove, black mangrove, and white mangrove. Mangrove’s provide many benefits to our environment, including pollution filtration, coastline protection, erosion prevention, privacy barrier, and a vital habitat for many other native organisms.

Florida Professional Mangrove Trimmer

Because of the many special benefits that mangrove trees provide to both humans and the natural environment, the are provided with special protections. There are statewide laws in Florida to protect mangroves from removal and/or destruction.

The Sarasota County mangrove program goals include permitting, compliance, education, and outreach. The program is based on the state act for allowing rights of water view and conservation of mangrove resources vital to our coastal community.

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